A brief history of skateboards

Skateboarding and Skateboards Skateboarding has been assumed to have evolved from the art of surfing. Because of the boards used in surfing it was assumed to have evolved from there.It is today being seen as a specialized sports activity. It is a sports activity that offers a platform to showcase the artistic performances of skateboarders. It is also an entertainment job for some skateboarders, who use it to give back to the society and their supporters. Because of the complexity involved in the sports, it can be seen as an art and a recreational activity. Special skate parks have been constructed for skateboarders. The smoothness of the ramps installed in skate parks makes it better for skating. The curving of the ramps which imitate a dome shape, gives the skateboarders a better platform to perform the tricks. If you want to take up skating as a sports activity, always consider purchasing a protective kneecap and the helmet to keep you from injury. The sport is fairly dangerous, especially when you are new to it. Skateboarding is also being used as a transportation method especially in crowded cities to beat traffic. As a skateboarder, you should always observe safety precautions. Many cases related to skateboarding accidents have been reported, mostly because of rough road segments and bumps. It can be harmful to other road users especially when a skateboarder collides with the pedestrian, causing them injury. The skateboard can come off, fly into the air and injure someone. At first, skateboarding did not use, special shoes. Shoe designers have been coming up with special skateboarding shoes. They are becoming popular by the day because of the efficiency and the firm grip it gives onto the boards. This ensures that your skating experience is not as challenging, and maneuvering becomes easier. When skating first emerged it was related to deviance and punk culture. Over time, the emergence, of reputable magazines that have been covering the culture have contributed to the fading off of that image. Skateboarding is now taken as a serious sports. It was part of the Japanese Olympic sport It is also a way to keep the youth creatively engaged healthy and physically fit. Because of social networking it is encouraged for the youth, to be involved in any as well as help with the health developments. Finding Parallels Between Skateboards and Life Skateboarding can be encouraged to bring together socially to have fun The art of skateboarding employs technology by making of videos that can be shared or social media and other platforms to improve the arts. If You Read One Article About Sports, Read This One To maintain your health and motivation and have fun at the same time you can venture out into skating. Skating can maintain your health instead of gym.

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